“The “Run-to-the-Store” Gun”

I was perusing my facebook feed and found a blog post written by Civilian Gunfighter linked here:

The “Run-to-the-Store” Gun

What I found interesting was that I was just thinking about this very topic, specifically the rig I wear at shooting schools/courses and what I carry every day. They’re not at all similar.

While I was driving home yesterday, I was considering the analogy of a seat belt (I was driving, see what I did there?). It’s safety equipment that I use every time I drive. If I was in a motor vehicle accident, I would certainly want to be wearing a helmet and full harness and all the associated NASCAR safety gear (and not be traveling 200 mph).

Here’s an unrelated example to set the stage: If you’re a gun person, you probably have multiple guns staged around the house in case of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. But do you have a fire extinguisher? A first aid/trauma kit? Emergency lighting? Because a fire, an injury, and a power outage are a lot more likely than gunplay.

I happen to fall into the group that carries a J-frame a lot. For those non-cognoscenti, It’s the small 5-shot S&W revolver. Mine has Crimson Trace laser grips.

The argument always seems to drift toward the worst case scenario, and there are some compelling arguments to be sure.

I carry my J-frame all the time. If I carry a bigger gun, I’ll still have my J-frame with me. I also carry at least two flashlights and believe them to be the most versatile and least appreciated piece of pistolfighting equipment one can carry. And I carry a knife (or two) every day.

I’m going to expound on this theme but I don’t want to drone on. For now, I’m not going to say I disagree with any of the conclusions of the blogger to whom I referred, as I think they’re all valid. But I’m not going to start wearing my full school gear every day either. I think the argument is incomplete, and respectfully differ not on the substance but on the degree.

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